Perception is reality, at least that’s what they say right? 

Why hello! Long time no talky. I hope 2017 has been amazing for everyone. I must say… you guys… I have really been crushing my goals this year. For example, I just got to DJ a wedding (all I had was an iPad, a Disney Frozen karaoke machine and some sweet merchandise I made myself) BUT talk about checking off the bucket list… dancing to It’s Tricky by The Run DMC in a shirt that says MC SkardA… I just couldn’t ask for much more. 

Aside from being the life of the party, I have been SO focused in on everything I set out to accomplish this year. I had a pretty hefty list going and who knew it’d be so stressful?! Ha. As if three kids and a husband doesn’t consume enough energy; trying to build an empire on top of it all might be setting myself up for disaster… after disaster, after disaster… but I mean, I’m not going to stop. No matter how many times my mom tells me to slow down, I refuse to quit until I get what I want. Call it what you want but I’m trying to manifest my own destiny here, ok y’all?! A little self-visualization going on and I’ll have you know… it’s working!

It started in 2010 at a PiYo class in California, when my instructor pulled me aside after my very first session and asked me to come to her master class to become certified to instruct. She noticed my form and ability immediately. Five years later – years since I took a PiYo class – I was in a rut as a stay-at-home mom and I yearned for my younger body back, so I took a leap of faith and took a master PiYo class. A couple months before the class I started the at home DVDs and I would picture being a girl in the videos – their strength and form was so impressive to me – I wanted to look and be professionally fit. But I didn’t just I visualize that for myself then go eat a sandwich. I worked for Every. Single. Bit. Of. It. Now I’m teaching at 2 gyms, multiple days a week and lookin/feeling better than I ever have. I may not be in the DVDs (yet) but in two weeks I’ll be on the local news promoting and previewing my PiYo Live class! Less than a month ago I looked at my husband and said, “I’m going to be on the news next month babe – whatcha wanna bet?!” 🤗 coincidence? I think not!

I made that happen for myself. I imagined it, I spoke it, I reached out to the right people, I booked a holiday show. Boom! Can’t never could… that’s what I was taught as a child (s/o mom- you’re the bee’s knees). I see so many people throw away potential simply because they don’t see it in themselves. It’s sad really, but I got lucky. Someone who I looked up to told me everything I needed to hear to make me stop shaking my head “no” at myself. Sometimes seeing yourself through the right person’s eyes is all the light you need to take ahold of your life and make it what you actually WANT it to be. 
Sometimes, filtering through the hate and the negativity is the hardest part… but once you put your purpose on a pedestal and you get your mind right, then the excuses vanish! That’s when you have to go for it. If you don’t… someone else will, so WHY NOT YOU?! 

It only took me five months to pull this off 🤗

I make it a mission to get PiYo pics everywhere I go- catch me at Target like….. 
Jk but I’m on my way to go get a pic now 😜


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