The Everyday Life of a “Super Mom” :


I like to start my Super Days off with a nice latte, a little yoga and some time in the books (i.e. my planners because what is life without organization?!) After I have some quality “me” time, I wake my little angels up with kisses and a home-cooked breakfast. Next, I clean my house – in the same routine, everyday, so the house is completely spotless and my laundry is always clean/put away. After dressing my girls and fixing their hair, I use my spare time to pose them for sweet pictures that I share on Facebook (so everyone can see how together our lives are!) Then, I focus on wife-ing and making sure my husband doesn’t have to lift a finger around the house… all while running a small business out of our home!

Okay, okay, okay. 

First of all… NO, just no. None of that is accurate.. I’m NOT super mom nor am I super wife – but I AM super tired, stressed, drained, sore, and well… cool. I am super, duper cool. Wanna know what makes me sooo cool? I don’t try to be Super Mom! And, I don’t try to make anyone think I’m super anything. I’m just ME. 

Whether I’m tired, stressed or skipping with joy, you will always get the same Lyndsey out of me. Example: I will pop, lock, & drop it at the drop of a dime because I’m always ready to showcase my dance skills. I will also cut you up with my tongue in a second (if you push me to it!) because I’m bad to the bone. And, I will ALWAYS greet you with a smile because I believe in first impressions. 

Yes, my life has drastically changed over the last 12 months and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t changed me. 

I realize a lot of people that know me think I’m something more than I am (in my opinion) and I’ve been left wanting to address that idea. When it comes to me being a “Super Mom” all I can say is… I wish! I wish I could always be the best mom/wife/home keeper. I wish I could do it all and take all the credit.


But the reality is… I’m lucky to have all three of my girls in shirts – let alone fully clothed! Getting the divas styled from head-to-toe is a seldom occurrence. And as for “me” time?! Is that even a thing ? I don’t know about you other moms out there but “me time” comes maybe once-a-month when my husband pushes my stressed butt out the door and tells me to go get a shake (because Herbalife is a MAJOR pick me up) and to buy some new sweat pants. 

I could not do a fraction of what I do if I didn’t have my husband, Grant. He is the House Chef, he gives baths/changes diapers/throws all the toys laying on the floor into trash bags before I get home (so it always looks clean when I walk in)…and even when I find the hidden trash bags weeks later, I’m still appreciative that he did whatever he could to make my day a little less stressful. Thank you, Grant.

No, my life isn’t a blissful walk in the park. Having a family of FIVE comes with a bus-load of up’s & down’s… and an equal amount of laundry. I can’t do it all; there’s always a new mess to be cleaned or a boo-boo to be kissed. 

Maybe my only real Super Power is that I strive to do life and this “mom” thing with a smile. The days I can laugh along with my family – while the messes are being made – are the are the days that I strive for.  ❤

•Today was one of those days, I managed to laugh through the purging of this mess I walked into 😳 


14 thoughts on “The Everyday Life of a “Super Mom” :

  1. I think what makes you a super mom is that you haven’t lost yourself. You stay humble and kind and I don’t know what could qualify you more.

    Commented, liked, shared, tagged. 😘😘😍😘


    • Well just so you know, I feel the exact same about youuuu my love. I’ll drop your shirts off today 😘


  2. “Super Moms” are over rated 😘 I don’t even go out or have people over because my house seems to always be a mess! The struggle is real girl! I can tell you, you’re not alone! Xo

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  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post it’s perfect . I started reading it and was like dang how does she do it … And then I finished . Very well said your family knows they are loved and well taken care of and at the end of the day that’s all that matters ! Keep it up girly !

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  4. “I strive to do life and this “mom” thing with a smile.”

    This hits me so close to home. While I don’t have kids of my own, I do have one that calls me mom. I as well strive to do this “mom” thing with a smile, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes, well… not so much.

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