Introducing Lyndsey Rae Taylor // The stay-at-home boss babe, fashion enthusiast and creator of the Taylor Tribe

IMG_0879.JPGSo, 2017 is here. Day #4: I haven’t worked out even once, I’ve cussed (a little) and I’m planning on eating a double cheese burger… later. New Year: Same Exact Me. 

Now, I won’t lie… I have high hopes for 2017. I have goals! One of them is THIS – my blog. I want to share my glamorously flawless life and family. Ha! Right; but I’m doing this selfishly to showcase the reality of myself, my life and my family. I think we are all pretty dope and I am hoping you will enjoy getting to know us, too! I’m 26 and I have T H R E E daughters. Yes, you read that right. Three. On top of living with 3 miniature divas, I have quite possibly the FUNNIEST husband to help me do the job! I can confidently say that life is genuinely great.

But – as a young stay at home mom – it didn’t take too long to lose my sanity.

No nights out. No social life. No brunch dates or girls nights. I was a complete hermit. (Note: Living 30 miles into the woods doesn’t help much, either.) So, I did what anyone my age would do. I turned to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to “get away” throughout the day.  Sad, huh? I mean, I’m 26 for crying out loud! I should be uploading selfies everyday with my makeup on fleek and out at the clubs gettin’ jiggy with it! But nah, I didn’t even desire that life anymore. I devoted myself entirely to being a wife and a mom.

For someone who used to say they’d never have kids… I really surprised myself when I became a mother. Everything changed. 

I fell IN LOVE with staying home and teaching the ABC’s, always having the laundry done and the floors clean (this was with just 1 and 2 kids – NOT 3! My laundry is NEVER done now. Ever.) I even fell in love with the solidarity of country life. I grew and learned and gained so much wisdom in the first couple years of staying at home. My morals changed. My outlook broadened. My circle shrank.

As fate would have it – right at the peak of my blissful stay at home life – I got pregnant. Again. Only NINE months after having our 2nd daughter (Alayna-Mae). With that third pregnancy came depression. Everything shifted. Stress poured onto me.. onto us. My husband was trying to get through college, on top of preparing for another baby, which generated another major stress. We fought. I was terribly sick with this pregnancy so I was unable to care for our house and family the way I normally did. So, my husband did it all. I mean EVERYTHING from baths to diapers, bottles to meals, and nap-time to play-time. He let me wallow in my sorrows, all while holding up my end at home and attending classes.

Finally, Baby Number 3 (Emerey-Vae) made her appearance. This was my 3rd repeat MAJOR surgery in 4 years. Surprisingly (and thankfully) my depression left the second I laid eyes on my husband holding our littlest angel. Like magic. I had found even more purpose and drive to become a successful, accomplished – yet obviously, stylish – woman/wife/mother.

So… 7 months after Baby E was born, I went out on a limb. I took my “crafting” to the next level. I have allllllllways always ALWAYS dreamed of owning my own boutique, so I decided to get a start on building my empire! I bought some equipment and started slangin’ shirts. Almost a year later and here we are. I’m running my at-home business out of a lovely (literally the CUTEST) basement work-space. I have grown so much faster than I anticipated and it has really opened my eyes to the opportunity that is in front of me.

My passion for a dream has driven me to where I stand today. My hopes and goals for this year all stem from what I learned about myself last year. And I can’t wait to see what life is like 361 days from now!

Follow me this year on my journey as a Stay-at-Home Boss Babe. And friends, I have BIG plans this year… so please don’t miss out! 😉

Yours Truly,

Lyndsey Rae Taylor


11 thoughts on “Introducing Lyndsey Rae Taylor // The stay-at-home boss babe, fashion enthusiast and creator of the Taylor Tribe

  1. You’re amazing! I’m excited for you and the opportunities this new year can offer! It’s not easy being a stay at home mom + working mom but we must embrace it, what other choice do we have? The beautiful part is when you are able to set aside the fight or flight that helps you just make it through the day and appreciate this crazy thing called motherhood!! BALANCE = LIFE (i.e. just enough crazy mixed with just enough cuddles)!This doesn’t mean that there won’t be rough days, I’m talking complete terror in the grocery store for example! “They” always say “you will miss this” and occasionally there are days this is hard to believe ! The beauty is when you realize it’s true so you cling to every hug, every “mommy hold me” , every mess because you know it is “just a season” and you know that they will never need you like this again!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing!! I look forward to the next post. I love blogs. I also love the Taylors. 😉 I haven’t met you…yet but I love that CRAZY family you married in to.

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  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!! SO proud of your heart and soul! Thank you for sharing, even the hard times. Those scraps of imperfection, shards of darkness allow the light to shine through and boast of its importance. Please keep writing!

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  4. I am so proud of you and the woman you have become! It seems like yesterday, we were just clueless kids who thought we had life figured out! Ha! Boy, were we wrong?! Life has certainly shown us ups and downs but it’s safe to say that we have landed right where we belong!! I love you and your family! I cannot WAIT to see where this year takes you! I’ll always be right here cheering you on!! Xoxo.

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  5. You’re awesome. I wish I could do what you’re doing and look flawless at the same time!! ❤ Keep up the great work. I know I’m pleased every time I get something from you.

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  6. Congrats! What an accomplishment! 🙂 I love the humor in your blog, and the realness. Keeps us knowing that you are just one of us, a mom on a mission. Blessings to you this year! ❤

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